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The Committee

Current members of the Committee are listed below.

If you would like to join us and help with the organisation of this successful little club, please contact us and let us know.

Andy Coote

  • Mr. Andy Coote
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  • Position: Chairman, Author, publisher and wordsmith.
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Andy Coote is the Chaiman and some might say bedrock of the club.  He helped to steer the club to independence at the end of 2009, and always has a new and interesting topic of conversation for the club.

Christine Chaplin

Christine sometimes shocks us all with her tales of first aid dramas, body fluids, tick removals, and procedures we didn't even know existed.  She also looks after membership, takes peoples money on the door, and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Karen Schofield


Karen is the co-owner of Quayside Design and Print in Truro, together with her husband Terry.  She arranges and invites a speakers to come and present to the club. The fact that she manages to continue finding interesting and informative speakers to present to us is one of the great assets of the group.  Karen's claim to fame is that she "brings colour into our lives".

Peter Graves

Pete is one of the founder members of the club, and inherited the mantle of deputy chair by virtue of having the ability to send out our marketing emails. His Penryn-based business is Channel Digital, and in addition to marketing a number of businesses online, he also kindly part-sponsored this web site for the club.

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