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5 top tips to help you make the most of your marketing - Trevor Lee

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5 top tips to help you make the
most of your marketing

For those of you who attended my talk at the Falmouth Business Breakfast here is a
review of the tips I offered. If you weren’t there I hope you will find the tips really

1. Know who you are aiming at
Who are your ideal customers? You need to be an exceptional (and probably huge business) to
say ‘everyone’. Unless you know who you are trying to reach there is no point in investing time
and money in marketing. If you are clear about who your target customer is then I recommend
that at least once a quarter you sit down for however long it takes and review your marketing activity
and ask ‘Is our message reaching the right people? Will they understand it?’ Be ruthless and
make changes if they are needed. Too many small businesses do the same old marketing week
after week, month after month and rarely if ever sit back and robustly challenge what they are doing.

2. Make some ‘noise’ and get attention
Once you’ve established who you are aiming at then you need to question if your marketing messages
are getting enough attention i.e. are they making enough noise? We are bombarded with
and surrounded by marketing messages all day long. Make sure you are doing whatever it takes
to ensure your marketing messages stand out from those of your competitors. If your marketing
doesn't get attention from your targeted audience it won't drive them to you which then gives
you a poor return on your marketing investment. Be proactive and be ‘noisy’.

3. First impressions really do count
Every interaction with a customer or potential customer is marketing. So you need to ensure
whenever anyone see’s, hears or reads about your company the impression they get is the one
you want them to have. That includes meeting you, seeing your van, getting an email from you,
seeing your social media activity. It also includes what happens when they call, visit, direct message
or email your company. Test this out by phoning and emailing your own company. Phone
your own mobile just to test how many rings before it goes to answerphone and what your answerphone
message says.

4. Share your expertise
Content Marketing is proving a real winner for numerous businesses who are sharing there expertise
through web articles, blogs, e-books, how to videos, podcasts. event speaking etc…Gaining a
reputation through content marketing for being an expert is a sure fire way to create and attract
new business. It takes time and effort but it will be worth it.

5. Make sure your website is mobile friendly
More people now access the internet on mobile (smartphones and tablets) than desktops and laptops.
It is therefore imperative for most businesses that their websites and marketing messages
can be easily accessed and viewed on a mobile device. Become a potential customer and test
your’s on your smartphone. Did it download quickly? Was it easy to view? Was it easy to use? If its
not mobile friendly Google won’t list it on there early pages for those undertaking a Google
search on a mobile device.

If you would like help with your marketing please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email
via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click here for details of A Marketing Fix and Plan which you can do yourself or I can help you with


Refreshed Branding for FBC

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If you are reading this, you will already have seen our refreshed branding and colour scheme.

The logo and style (which will be carried in our business cards and roller banners) were created for us by Dom at Quayside Desgin and Print -

The website and email refreshes were done by Luke Best at Channel Digital who created the original site for us over 5 years ago.

We know both companies through our networking activities. Pete Graves of Channel was one of our founding team and Karen Schofield of Quayside is still part of the team that manages FBC activities. Over the 5 years we have worked with many of the businesses who network with us, both as FBC and in our own companies. We remain committed to networking (especially of the relaxed, fun kind) as a way of meeting the right people and working with them.

Andy Coote for FBC 


Survey Results Announced

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On Thursday 30th April 2015, Robert Rush of PFA Research presented the results of the Falmouth bujsiness Club survey, consuctred over the month of April 2015.

Here is his presentation which will form the basis for discussion, planning and action over the next months.


Falmouth Business Club Trade Show 17th Sept 2014

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 Our first Trade Networking Day will take place on Wednesday 17th September between 10am and 4pm in the Terrace Bar and End Terrace Room at The Falmouth Hotel. 
Access is via the main Hotel Entrance and by the entrance in Pendennis Road (between Melvill Road and Cliff Road). All are welcome.


Please share this information to your contacts. Plenty happening all day with networking and refreshments available.


Our weekly meetings are already popular and we want to introduce them to a wider audience.
Come and meet us. We're a friendly group and you will be made welcome.


See below the poster for Exhibitor details -



Exhibitors confirmed so far include - 

Falmouth Natural Health Centre - Health and Wellness -

Toast and Host  - Toastmaster/Santa Claus - 

GE Licensing solutions - Licensing Consultant -

Falmouth Marine School - College -

Anna Wilson Property - Property Letting Agent -

Bizwords - Commercial Writer - 

SourceFM - Community Radio - 

Cornish First Aid Supplies - First Aid Supplies -

Quayside Design and Print - Print and Design -

Stevens. The Cornish Slate Company - Makers and Sellers of Slate Products -

Preston Goldburn - Solicitors -

Darling Angels - Business Support and Therapy -

University of Exeter Business School - University -

Hodgsons - Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors -

Gylly Computer Services - Computer Support -

Sames + Littlejohns - Design Agency -

Falmouth Hotel - Hotel -

Belvoir Lettings - Property Letting Agent -

SpheroVision SouthWest - Panoramic Photographer -

Audana - Digital Marketing Services  -

Trevor Lee  Media  - Marketing and Training -

The Homeseller UK - Estate Agency -

South Crofty Collection - Jewellery Sales -

Nigel McMillan - Photographer -

uv-Buddy - Jewellery Sales  -

Helen Young (Author)  - Childrens Book Sales -




Falmouth Business Club Video

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With thanks to John Triffitt, Steve Stephens and the guys at Jam 96, the new club video is ready for the world, and to show people what a friendly and happening club we have here in Falmouth.  The team at Jam96 used all sorts of interesting techniques like green-screen and time lapse, but they really specialise in using video to tell stories, and make a better connection with your users or potential customers.

Club members may feel free to use this Video on their web sites, by linking to this page or the YouTube version.


Contact Jam96 here:


Using this web site

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This is quick note for members, just to remind you of some of the things you can do wtih this site.  This information will be demonstrated at the club event on Thursday March 22nd.

Once you have registered as a user you can

  1. log in
  2. Keep your contact details up to date
  3. Subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletter alerts
  4. accept invitations to events
  5. Request increased permissions in order to author your own articles

Once you have increased permissions to "Author" level, you will also be able to:

  1. Create a link to your web site on the links page
  2. Submit blog posts to the Members blogs area
  3. Submit new events

All of these can be accessed from your "My Home page", which you will see once you have logged in.

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