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Falmouth Business Club Events

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Falmouth Business Club - Regular Events

The Club meets on alternate Thursday mornings over breakfast at The Carnon Inn, Carnon Downs, where a lively and welcoming group of local business people awaits you. Activities include speakers on a wide range of topics, discussions on topics of interest to the group, relaxed business networking, mutual support for businesses around the table to enhance what they do and how they do it. We also try to have fun whilst doing all of that.

No pressure

Although members find that they do a great deal of business with one another, there is absolutely no pressure to do so, and referrals are neither tracked nor forced.  We respect the ability of members and visitors to make their own business decisions, yet there has been plenty of business done that began in conversations around our breakfast table. Building strong personal relationships is a great way to develop advocates who will then keep you in mind when talking to their customers and contacts. Networking is NOT selling and there is no pressure to 'close' the other people there. Just let us get to know each other.

Who comes along?

We are lucky to have a very varied group of businesses at the Falmouth Business Club.

A non-comprehensive list includes members from the following business groups:

Writer, first aid supplier, printer, computer programmer, web marketer,  financial advisor, music promoter, window cleaner, Internet directory owner, interior designer, graphic designer, hotelier, photographer,  accountant, solicitor, CRM specialist, mining surveyor, toastmaster,  members of business support organisations, representatives from the docks, Maritime Museum, Town Council, convergence fund, charities, bankers, freight company, entertainments provider, NLP practitioner, masseur, trainer, consultant, quality standards certifier, training provider.

As you can see everyone is welcome, and the strength of the group is in its diversity.


There is no annual membership fee.

Attendance costs £10 per person, including all the tea and coffee you can drink, full breakfast and healthy eating options including continental, fruit, yogurt and croissant.


We meet at a relaxed 7.30am, with breakfast beginning at around 8.00.

As people are finishing breakfast we normally do a round of introductions, giving everyone the chance to tell other guests about their business.  This is a great opportunity to practice your "elevator pitch" - what makes your business stand out in 30 seconds?

People often turn up late or leave early due to other commitments - it is fine.

Can I just turn up?

Yes, but it makes it easier for the hotel, if we have a good idea of numbers by midday the day before, so please let us know if you would like to come along. You may either register with this web site and then put your name down for the next event on the events page, or send us a message using this contact form.

You may use the same form to sign up for email alerts, letting you know what activities are planned  for this and other clubs.

Any questions?

Please ask here.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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