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Falmouth Business Club


Falmouth & Penryn: Inspiring business growth in Cornwall
19 May 2011 - 19 May 2011 08.30 am - 13.00 pm
The Falmouth Hotel - Falmouth
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Falmouth and Penryn: Inspiring business growth in Cornwall is a unique free event that forms part of Cornwall Business Week 2011. Organisers include local business groups, significant local businesses and the University community based at Tremough. Together, they are planning an event that will provide you with the opportunity to communicate with other motivated business owners, directors and entrepreneurs who are seeking information, inspiration and advice to help grow or improve their business.

As the only Cornwall Business Week event in Falmouth & Penryn, the event is intended to unite all sectors of business to develop a local response to the challenges currently facing the business community.
The Government is promoting growth through private business on a more local level with less subsidy available and with the removal of support services like the Regional Development Agencies (RDA) and Business Link. The development of Local Enterprise Partnerships will change the way that business priorities are set at county level.

We believe that it is in our own hands to determine whether the Falmouth and Penryn area thrives and is successful in this new regime.

We need to take responsibility for our own futures and our own growth.

The event will address

  • The current conditions and business activity in Falmouth and Penryn
  • Investments and opportunities that will impact in the coming years
  • The formulation of plans and approaches to grow the local businesses and the local economy

If your business plan includes:

  • Growing your business in 2011 and beyond
  • Finding ways to buy (and sell) more, locally
  • Finding local partners to collaborate on growing business nationally and internationally
  • Influencing the development and growth of the local economy

..then you can achieve this at no cost, with as little as half a day out of the office!
Businesses will soon be able to register for their free place at this important event.

Register here


The Falmouth Hotel
The Falmouth Hotel   -   Website
Falmouth Hotel, Castle Beach
TR11 4NZ


Overlooking Falmouth Bay and the sea - just above Castle Beach, the Falmouth Hotel is one of the town's most prominent Landmarks.

The Business Club meets here every Thursday morning at 7.30am.

Registered Users:

  • Andy Coote
  • Loreen Shepherd
  • Pierre Cuignet
  • Clare Hughes
  • Jonathan Brassington
  • Andy Goodman
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Duncan Ayres
  • Phil Sissons
  • Jonathan Perkins
  • Dave Preston
  • Jean Keeling
  • Keith Kneebone
  • David Pollard
  • John Lake
  • Roger Preston
  • John Harvey
  • Phil Bevan
  • Caroline Eddy
  • vaughan haynes
  • Tracey Bishop
  • Lyn Sissons
  • Phil Sissons
  • Chris Hambly
  • Jeremy Edwards
  • Helen Mulhern
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Dave Shepherd
  • Vanessa King
  • Eleanor Smith
  • James Agnew
  • Martin Crump
  • James Dance
  • Christopher Smith
  • Fiona Ward
  • Anne Harrington FRSA
  • Barbara Bole
  • Sue Hayward
  • jean keeling
  • Dawn McColl
  • Ken Symons
  • Bruce Hobbs
  • Jayne Gray
  • Mike Kevern
  • Jeremy Richards
  • Vincenzo Rubino
  • chris leest
  • Chris OBrien
  • Nicola Porteous
  • Claire Eason-Bassett
  • Mark Sansby
  • Martin Dean
  • Fiona Campbell Howes
  • Mark Smith
  • alan guest
  • Robert Woolf
  • Tim Parker
  • Christine Chaplin
  • Stephen Hickman
  • Karen Gibson
  • Dick Stead
  • terry drake
  • Jane Hooper
  • Kevin Hewitt
  • Deborah Bennetts
  • Ginnie Sykes
  • David Anderson
  • Carolyn Hartley
  • Phil Gendall
  • Wayne Hackman
  • Des Prouse
  • Shaz French
  • Martin Coote
  • Robert Rush
  • Alistair Whyte
  • Caroline Evans
  • Tim Light
  • david stephenson
  • Zara Radford
  • Jillian Aldis
  • Deborah Moore
  • Kishor Bhatta
  • R P Sharma
  • Anja Jones
  • Bernard Curren
  • Richard Reed
  • Graeme Stewart
  • Colin Truscott
  • Helen Hood
  • Jackie George
  • Steve Bough
  • Michael Hawes
  • Terry Stanton
  • Malcolm Farrar
  • Richard Jackson
  • Sharon Cornelius
  • Oliver Warshaw
  • Ciaran Clarke
  • Jeannette Preston
  • Anthony Deacon
  • Hannah Blackledge
  • nicola turvey
  • Larisa Radmore
  • James Hodgeson
  • Fiona Lockhart
  • Mike Jobson
  • Alex Whatley
  • Toby Claridge
  • Simon Leek
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